You must have already seen the updated "in development" section on WoT portal with the announcement of major features and content. I will share some of the details:

  • Pz V Panther: lower front plate slope INCREASED to its HISTORICAL (you see what we did there?) 55deg
  • T-44: lower front plate slope DECREASED to its HISTORICAL 45deg
  • Caernarvon, Conqueror and FV215b: front seam (between lower and upper plates) increased
  • Added support for NVIDIA SLI
  • Exterior button is no longer blocked for tanks with incomplete crews
  • Added chat functionality: autosaving for message recipient (or without it)
  • For auto-loader tanks: Intuition skill will now reload the entire cassete
  • For some configurations fixed performance drop when using server-side reticle in arty mode
  • FPS in hangar is now limited to 60
  • Reworked and optimized exhaust effect for vehicle engines
  • Returned option to retrain crew to a vehicle that is missing in player's hangar: there is a separate warning window for it as well
  • Added full-screen windowed mode (maximize button)
  • Fixed vehicle gun going up along with turret traverse when taking hit on the turret
  • Fixed vehicle gun going up along with turret traverse when aiming at close object
  • Fixed "noise" in left speaker after shooting for some configurations
  • Fixed ammo order when changing turret or gun

That's it for now.