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Thread: Enhancement Request: Recent Battles - Option To Hide Efficiency, WN7, Battle Rating

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    Lightbulb Enhancement Request: Recent Battles - Option To Hide Efficiency, WN7, Battle Rating

    On the Recent Battles page there are a number of statistics that are no longer used by the community (in NA anyway). An option to hide these statistics would be very useful to make the Recent Battles page less cluttered and easier to view. I understand that some players still like to see these stats, so an option to hide or view them would be very nice for everyone.

    I'm not sure how difficult it would be to do this, but I hope it would be easy since they are statistics fields that seem to be independent of each other. An option in the Setup area would be great and easy to find.

    WoT Statistics is the best stand alone program for viewing stats, especially after a World or Tanks update come out when most mods are not working!

    Thank you for your dedication and continued work on this project.

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    This is already on my todo list. Don't expect a fast update, it could take a while.

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    Thanks for your replay Phalynx, as all of the WN7, efficiency for battle tiers, tanks and such are done away with in the NA servers. Most of the players get disheartened when they see the low WN7 numbers when in most places they see all WN8 ratings now. thanks for continuing at least the bebuging and the updates. this tool is very useful for keeping track of how well you do against other players. Best wishes in the future.

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    I might extend the request for recent battles page:

    - When you do it, do the option for all the columns, so that we can select which columns to display and which to hide.
    - Place the totals row on top instead of bottom, so that we can always see it.
    - If there is a way to do it, make the page load not take so long when you have many matches. Maybe by only retrieving the "visible" part of the list. If you are wondering why, I (like many others) like to set goals for myself and only refresh when I reach them. Sometimes I can accomplish the goals in 20 matches, but other times it can take 400-800 matches, and the load for that many matches is brutal.

    No rush. But it would certainly be nice to have.


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