Armored Warfare staff reacted on WG censorship of any topics concerning AW on WG RU forums by publicly announcing that discussing and comparing AW to other games is welcome on AW forums.

- Developers are already testing the fix for the LT and arty queue;
- 121B will also appear only on Chinese server;
- When penetrating spaced armor, normalization is taken into account, that means that if the impact angle is let's say 60 degrees and the normalization is 5 degrees, 55 degrees will be used for penetration calculation purposes. However, that "55" is just a theoretical number. If the shell penetrates the spaced armor, it continues on the same trajectory (60 degrees) as it did before. Once it reaches the main armor behind it, the normalization is applied again. In this sense, the spaced armor does not influence the shell trajectory.

And the funny/fail of today (you can email me with stuff like this, will gladly share it bellow the Q&A's):