Here it is:

- The bug where shells are flying through enemy tanks (ghost shells) in 9.7 is not confirmed according to Storm, that's why there's nothing to fix (RG: and what about the bug where my tank fires and no shell comes out?)
- The WT E-100 will be replaced by Autumn or in Winter 2015;
- Wargaming RU announced a new initiative to fight ingame chat toxicity. From the announcement, the punishments for violation of chat rules will be longer and stricter. Wargaming introduced a new automatic system that detecs profanities and punishes the players accordingly. The punishments however still consist of chat bans only and not game bans. Russian player reaction on the news was overwhelmingly negative (RG: Bring it on!)
- It's "completely possible" that Wargaming will introduce a message system that will announce you that "player X was banned after your report" for players to understand that their reports have meaning (RG: oh... please do!)

And for today, "Desires":

Why not both?