Here it is:

- The T-34-85 "Rudy" has improved penetration of the (elite T-34/85) 85mm D-5T-85BM despite being equipped with the 85mm S-53. This is intentional.
- Q: "Storm, with my tier 8 on the bottom I am fighting five tier 10 tanks in battle, what should I do?" A: "This is correct MM. What should you do? Fight. Five top tier tanks means there are ten more non-top tier tanks";
- A player proposed a system where new MM would be formed if five or more players pressed a special "dislike MM" button. Storm states this won't be done;
- Storm is not aware of what Evilly had in mind with the GW E-100 changes (it perhaps was a mistake);
- There are no plans for 2015 to replace GW E-100 with something else
- Storm states that no details (or variants) will be disclosed regarding "solutions" to the gold ammo issue;
- Storm confirms that 0.9.10 will be "big" (as in, very important);
- Storm does not know what Viktor Kisly had in mind when he announced that a "bomb" (big announcement) will come soon;
- Storm will not disclose his salary: "It's enough for food and to pay electricity bills";
- According to Storm, there is indeed an issue with some guns in the sense that some have too high penetration but whether there actually is a real "gold ammo" problem (as in whether the current gold ammo situation is truly problematic) is "very debatable".

And as usual: