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Thread: Where is dossier on a Mac?

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    Where is dossier on a Mac?

    I want to manually upload my dossier from my Mac, but can't find it. Does anyone know where it is kept?


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    Sorry, don't have a Mac so I can't help you much.

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    Nobody using a Mac?

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    OK, I'll answer my own question. I did some digging and finally found it. Wasn't easy, since by default OSX now hides your /Users/your_name/Library directory. Here is the full path to the dossier files on my mac:
    /Users/rhagen/Library/Application Support/World of Tanks/Bottles/worldoftanks/drive_c/users/crossover/Application Data/

    To see your Library file you have to open a finder window in your home directory, then in the menu under "View" choose "Show View Options...". At the bottom check the box to show the Library Folder.

    Hope this helps some other Mac users!

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    Good solution bro tks

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