Here it is:

- A player was complaining that the picture in WoT is very "jerky", not smooth. Storm suggests to turn off triple buffering;
- Storm will not explain how tanks are chosen for regular branches in WoT: "It would take a lot of time to explain it so you would understand. And whether it's necessary... well, it is not to most people."
- Storm confirms that the T-62A turret bug was already fixed;
- SD client will support texture mods (usual mods will work on it);
- According to Storm, WG does not lack ideas as to what to do with gold ammunition. The problem is that these ideas do not fit ("are not suitable");
- The problem of the gold ammo hardcap idea is that with such a hardcap, players will use the gold ammo against heavily armored targets only anyway and so it won't change the situation in slightest;
- "HD" client (announced today) will not bring any higher resolution textures, the current client will simply be renamed to HD client;
- The Sherman Revalorise is the French-built prototype super sherman with the old suspension, M51 is still capable of being added as a tier 8 regular.

And the daily dosage, premium TD camouflage doing its work:

Thank you Tamas V. for emailing this! :)