Here it is:

- When 9.8 comes out, it's possible following premium vehicles will be removed from sales completely: Sexton I, Ram II, Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm, SU-85I;
- 9.8 will come in third week of May;
- Developers added a new "personal reserves" mechanism to 9.8 - basically it means that completing certain missions allows you to activate a time-limited bonus for to obtained credits or free XP or regular XP or crew XP;
- In 9.8, the "dynamic platoon" (inviting to platoon in battles) option was added. It's completely possible that in the future, you will be able also to invite players from enemy team to platoons;
- Swamp will be reworked in the future;
- In 9.8, T-54 Prototype will possibly become purchasable for gold.

Now back on enjoying my weekend...