Here it is:

- IS-4 armor is correct (some players are complaining that the driver's hatch is nerfed compared to pre-HD IS-4), same goes for allegedly broken IS-4 mantlet;
- Storm states that the amount of mistakes WG makes with HD models is acceptable: "one mistake per patch which is found in the test and fixed";
- Storm doesn't consider the fucked models (T-62A, flying M55 turret etc.) terrible - "such mistakes happen all the time, for one reason or another. It's nothing that terrible, we will find and fix them."

Some RU players complained about Super Pershing mantlet and claimed Storm confirmed a mantlet bug while Storm denied it at first. They got Storm mad:

Storm: "Writing shit is funny and interesting. My 'answer' was written BEFORE this test."
Player: "Only poorly educated people swear."
Storm: "Fuck off"
Player: "Storm, go fuck yourself."
Storm: "Right back at you."

Later on, he however confirmed in another thread that the Super Pershing mantlet is indeed bugged - in 9.7, the mantlet is way too thick and too difficult to penetrate. However, considering the Super Pershing is a premium tank, WG will likely leave the mantlet bugged (much thicker than it's supposed to be) since they don't want to nerf the armor in 0.9.8. Developers have not yet decided about the correct solution.

- It's possible that the IS-3 armor doesn't correspond to the drawings because it's based on real life vehicle measurements. If mistakes are found, it's possible there will be fixes.

And the Daily... oh no what an atrocity!