Here it is:

- There is a bug in fist 0.9.8 test when in arty mode upon mouseover the enemy vehicles no longer light up in red - it will be fixed in test 2;
- Developers will not disclose what are the exact plans for the Domination mode;
- "Domination" mode to appear in WGL? Storm: "The mode is not here yet and you are already thinking such stuff."

Storm confirms: no rules that influence the profitability of premium tanks have been changed.
Player: "How come IS-6 made more credits in 2013 than it does now?"
Storm: "It makes the same amount of money."

- There are no plans to change premium vehicle profitability because there is nothing wrong with it;
- There is no final solution as to what to do with gold ammo. Storm is aware of the issue that if they nerf regular gun penetration, it will make more people fire with gold ammo;
- It is not known when new version of WoT sound engine will come (not anytime soon);
- Developers are investigating alleged appearance of ghost shells in 9.7 and 9.8 ("we are investigating the issue, I cannot say anything more for now");
- Storm cannot disclose anything about the appearance of Chieftain in the game - the developers want to introduce it this year "but no promises";
- 9.8 will not bring smoke effect optimization;
- Render range overhaul will not come in 9.8;
- Storm confirms: Schmalturm Panzer IV and RAM 2 are being removed from sales due to their low popularity.

And the daily: