Added support for Platoons and Tank Companies for the Domination event
Allotted a separate transmission in the damage model of the Fury
Reworked destruction effects for some environmental objects
Improved the Garage interface for Personal Missions
Added automatic starting of the next Personal Mission when the current one is completed
Added a restriction on creation of Battles for Stronghold during certain time periods

Fixed Issues:

Many issues with Domination event
Unevenness in map rotation for battles in the Domination event
Some issues with visual models of IS-3, ΠΆ32, 121B, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Tiger I, Leopard 1, Pershing, Kanonenjagdpanzer
Some issues with damage models of IS-3, IS-3 autoloader
Bases in Attack/Defense on the Himmelsdorf map
Some visual issues on the updated Westfield and Karelia maps
Visual and damage models of some environmental objects
Hang-up of the Battle Results screen when completing Personal Missions
Some issues with Personal Missions and Personal Reservers
Tank Company hang-ups when awaiting battle
Flickering of vehicle track marks in some cases
Calculation of penalties and Credit compensations for damaging allies
Rare issue with the inability to enter a battle in a Platoon again in a vehicle that fought in the previous battle
Display of the red aiming line when aiming over a vehicle in Artillery mode
Color of Platoon members' indicators in battle and on the minimap in a Dynamic Platoon
Inability to leave a Dynamic Platoon after player has left the battle
Some gameplay and interface issues in the Stronghold mode
Stretched-out font displayed in the majority of tooltips on the Awards tab
Some minor issues with interface