Early February 2013 was marked by first developer conference held by Wargaming - Wargaming.net DevCon-1. The conference (not some meeting or tech summit!) took place in Minsk, Belarus.

Two rich and informative days contained ~85 talks divided into 7 main tracks: management, programming, game design & UX, web development, QA, art, and sound. More than 500 participants arrived from WG's dev offices - Minsk (WoT), Kyiv (WoWP, WoTG), Saint-Petersburg (WoWS), Sydney (BW), and Chicago (announced console title). Quite a conference it was, even though with restricted participation. However it is the format that allowed to make talks much more useful by including some trade secrets and know-hows.

Sure thing, it can be hard to reach GDC-level of presentation and organization, but the event was definitely comparable to any local (hereby I mean Russian-speaking) trade show. And we are definitely interested in doing more shows of the kind. Or even WG-con for players? :)