- Storm is now aware of the ghost shell issue in 0.9.7 (shells flying through tanks), developers are investigating this (other than that: "no comment")
- according to Storm, 9.8 test has more than enough global features (for example the Domination mode)
- Storm states that currently the Domination is an "event mode" (not a mode that's permanent)
- Storm confirms: if you complete a mission that gives you an XP bonus (for example 750 XP) on a vehicle that has accelerated training turned on, that mission XP will go to crew XP as well
- 0.9.8 has brought one small but important feature: automatic activation of the next individual missions. Russian players accused WG of stealing this mechanism from some mod that did the same thing, WG denies
- regarding the Super Pershing overbuffed mantlet in 0.9.7 - Storm: "For now everything is complicated. Final solution was not yet found."