- it's possible that in 0.9.8 test, HD IS-3 BL-9 gun is too short, Storm will investigate
- Storm statest that weird ricochets like this are fine and intentional: in order to optimize game data transfer, the ricochet graphics effect will display the shell flying off to random direction. It's an "optimization in order not to waste data transfer on useless data"
- it's too early to disclose any details on the upcoming penetration nerf, developers are still experimenting
- Storm blames the violent community reaction on the supertest penetration leaks on Youtubers: "because they did spread it everywhere"
- Storm considers supertest "very useful"
- VK4502A MG weakspot on front hull will be fixed when the vehicle appears in HD
- WG is researching the ghost shell issue in 0.9.7 - "we already dissected all the replays to molecules"
- changes to hangar (tank selection carousel) are still planned ("in development queue")