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Thread: clan wars - private battle log ?

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    clan wars - private battle log ?

    I noticed CW battle details are listed and games even linked to other players battle logs, which means anybody can see tanks played by me(and a few others) on a CW map.
    I do not want this to be public information. And I cannot find a way to turn this off.
    If there is no way of turning this off, I am pretty sure there will be a clan order to stop using this tool.

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    That's not true. Details like teams and Replays are not visible to others than Clan members.

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    you can see the individual scores from those who uploaded the battle result. Which tank they drove, dmg, blocked, spots, frags. If 3 uploads per match it will not take many matches before the set up can be figured out.

    Also you can search for a player, look at his battle log, sort on CW and you will see many of his previous CW matches. With tank freeze active he will have to rotate his tanks, and you can learn 3 or 4 tanks of the setup from 1 player alone. add 2-3 players who uploads and half the set up is leaked out.

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    if replay was uploaded, you will see the heat map. Very nice thing for us to have.

    lakeville: gun carrier, e100, m53/55
    westfield: e100, gun carrier, is7
    province: batchat 55 58, gun carrier
    el halluf: t92
    mines: obj 140, batchat, gun carrier, is7

    Want me to look up another player?

    lakeville: e100
    westfield: amx50b, e100,
    province: is7
    el halluf:
    mines: batchat, obj140, 110e5, is4, amx50b
    ensk: fv215b, t57
    abbey: 50b
    ruinberg: obj 263 (nice to know)

    From 2 players alone we pretty much know the setup for mines.

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    There is a setting to hide such Battles:

    Look for "Visibility for Battles and Replays (CW)"

    BTW, the setting is there since ages:

    There are thousands of users having this setting open for all. I've reset this setting globally to "Visible just for my Clan" for all.
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    And this is before I look at the stats. If I find a batchat with 7000 spot dmg and 0 dmg. you will know this is a camping spotter somewhere on the map. If you find one with 10 first spots, you know that this fellow does a spot run. if you find a weird tank, this might be a crucial piece of their set up.

    You can read a lot out of all these pieces of information, piece by piece.

    good. the default should be off.


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