- Regarding the 9.8 bugs - player: "So WG has 'best QA' in business, huh?" A: "No need to write such garbage here";
- Storm was defending the name "Mammut" on the forums but according to Yuri Pasholok, the name "Mammut" is fake because it's not on any of the documents. It's not certain where its source (Michael Fröhlich and his book on Maus) took it from.
- According to Storm, more than 60 FPS doesn't make much sense because above 60 FPS the brain can't tell the difference anyway;
- Some players claimed that reworked Karelia has some stones transparent (can be shot through). Storm states that to fix this sou should put landscape quality at lest one degree higher than minimum;
- Various marathons ("get 150k XP, get a tank") are not decided by developers but by the publishing department;
- Q: "I wish that the person who decided to put guns above 150mm on tier 7 arty would suffer" A: "I strongly suggest you calm down and not post personal attacks. Only warning."
- Spotting system was not touched in 9.8;
- Q: "How will you deal with banned mod?" A: "Unfortunately there is no universal solution."
- "Domination" mode on 9.8 is delayed, according to Storm: "It's because of mods. XVM doesn't work with it because the UI got changed somewhat in it." (so mods are now causing content delays?)