Hello warriors,

recently a lecture took place during one game conference where Svetlana Polovnikina from Wargaming talked about how Wargaming listens to its playerbase's feedback.

Her main points were:

- The developer has to know the opinion of the playerbase because he can no longer look at the game from player's perspective - he knows too much about its internal mechanics;
- Information about player opinions from open sources (including forums) is not reliable because it represents individual complaints, you need to have large polls to truly know the opinion;
- To ask players on the main game site is also not reliable since the sample will not represent the entire playerbase (not all players visit the game site);
- Developer questions "what and how" are answered by statistics. Questions "why" are answered by asking players;
- Analysis of poll results only makes sense in combination with statistics analysis since the player opinions change on short notice;
- Polls are effective only for getting opinions for specific issues, problems etc;
- According to WG observations the more experienced a player is, the more prone he is to rate the game negatively. That's why whenever there's a negative feedback, the developers always check who the complaining players are;
- Computer game playerbase is very loyal - few other fanbases are giving as positive feedback;
- Feedback is collected from many different platforms;
- The most difficult is to get the real opinion from leaving players.