Want a mod that disables the messages of dynamic platoons being created in enemy team? Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3e84f0i1gt5dwdf/dynSqadFx.zip

- There are no huge changes planned for now that would allow the developers to call a patch "1.0.0" and that's why numbers will continue like 9.10, 9.11 etc.
- Developers are working on new physics system;
- Developers are still working on Havok ("new destruction system");
- Developers as a joke wanted to make a test server with the earliest released version of the game on 1st of April but the version is so obsolete that it was not possible to start up;
- IS-5 will appear in random battles soon, it won't be sold but given for CW event;
- The process of balancing the IS-5 was standard;
- Developers are considering making the punishments for committing suicide and drowning stricter - to be on par with leaving the battle early;
- Developers are working on "compaint system 2.0";
- Developers are not planning an "afterburner" consumable (short bursts of speed) even though this consumable was tested once long time ago;
- The Domination was supposed to come out on 28.5.2015 but it was delayed until next week;
- Q: "In last six months several dozen CW vehicles were leaked even though CW is played only by 3 percent of players, why?" A (Storm): "Several dozen? Name one."
- Q: "Storm, you said before that you wanted feedback but where were you when we gave feedback on personal missions during their entry" A: "The results of the feedback can be seen in 9.8 for example. Yes, we are slow :( ";
- Q: "Storm, don't you want to take the bag of money you made and travel to your dream destination some far away?" A: "Difficult question. World of Tanks is basically my dream come true. Enjoy myself - makes no sense without any meaningful activity and I don't know how to do anything well apart from making games."
- All the KV-4 projects were planned with 107mm ZIS-6 gun;
- There is "no chance" of MBT-70 appearing in random battles;