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Thread: overall tank stats not adding up???

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    overall tank stats not adding up???

    i was looking at your tank stats and i noticed something strange:
    i think, at any tier and type of tank,
    the total number of losing tanks must be equal to the number of winning tanks minus the % of draws. Even if some specific tanks or players are better than others, the 2 totals must be equal

    i looked at tier 7 med tanks:
    the total is about .5% short, if draws are 2% - I think it's actually 1.5 - 2 %
    and from the charts i can see everyone is falling even further!
    Is this possible?

    are your samples ALL games played or just a very big sample?
    I am sure I'm just missing something REALLY obvious???

    ps great site!


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    Why are you looking just at medium tier 7 tanks? In a game are 30 tanks. 15 of them are losing, 15 not, or all 30 are losing. MM does not mix only mediums in game.

    If you look at all tanks, the overall winrate is at 47.9%, that means 52.1% are losing or getting a draw (which in fact is a lose). So in the end win has always to be below 50%.

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    after some quick calculation i think it's Tier 6 TDs, and hellcats in particular, that are sucking the wins out of T7 mediums.


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