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Thread: Problem with vBAddict ADU

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    Problem with vBAddict ADU

    For the past couple of days when I open ADU the program will "not respond." I'll open Task Manager and end the process but the program still refuses to close, yesterday the program went 9 hours like this. I tried running the program as an admin, no difference. I also tried downloading ADU again but in a different folder and run it then. When I opened it as an admin it told me that I don't have permissions to do such a thing, which is wrong because the account I'm opening it on is an (and the only) admin user. Any advice? I suppose I could use WoT Numbers but I like the ability of having all of my replays automatically uploaded to vBAddict.

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    Delete the UploadedQueue.txt in %APPDATA%\ActiveDossierUploader

    Does this help? If not, please provide the logfiles taken from this folder.


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