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Thread: Skill Radar

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    Skill Radar

    Hi I'd like to know with which server you compare the individual data.

    For example: my win ratio is 57% my skill radar shows for win ratio a value of 100. 100 compared with all players on EU server, or just the players
    who upload on your server?

    If you compare with EU server I doubt the average win ratio is 57%.

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    Average WR for all of your tanks is 51.9, while the overall WR is 52.1, so the 100% on Skillradar are correct.

    Overall WR is reported by active vBAddict users, and not all 30 users reported within battle results.

    The "Progress based on Battle results" is showing higher WR as it look only for battles of the last 90 days, while skillradar is looking for all tanks all time.

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    It's either messed up or I do not understand your way of calculation:

    This is what I see on your site under my stats:

    12 hours 1 day 7 days 30 days 60 days 90 days
    Winrate 100.00% 100.00% 64.96% 69.60% 68.89% 67.86%

    and that is the stat from wot directly

    Victories/Battles 57%

    So I really wonder how you get 51.9%???? This must be a bug.


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    You are right, your winrate is 56.9

    Calculated the average by including 0-battle tanks like Bison, T1 Cunn, Renault NC-31.... Fixed your Skillradar, which is now on 108%.

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    Ah great, thanks, you are the man :-)


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