based on 8.3 release on EU and NA

Do you love tanks as much as we do?

Don't bother to reply, that's rhetorical. The main reason for World of Tanks becoming a great game (apart from millions of great players all around the world) is our passion for tanks and engineering.

True that we are not aiming to reach the highest level of historical authenticity, we simplify a lot, but on the other hand, this gives us an opportunity to tell our story to many, not few.

USSR - Germany - USA

Those are undoubtedly the "big 3". The major tank nations of the era. You can have your own favorites and the hated ones, but one can't argue that those tank schools affected modern tank development most.

France and Great Britain

That's how it all began. Back in WWI days with British Mark I that laid down the foundation of armoured motor vehicles and up to French Renault FT-17, one of the the most revolutionary and influential tank designs in the entire history of engineering.

Those two deserved their spots regardless any further contributions or lack of them.


I must admit that initially we did share the common opinion that China had never had its own, even partially independent and unique, tank development. To our great surprise and astonishment, when our Chinese partners brought up the idea of doing some research to prove that we were wrong - we just couldn't refuse.

The documents we got eventually are a true terra incognita even in China, not speaking of the rest of the world. Generally speaking, China is a closed (?) country, extremely reluctant when it comes to sharing its defence projects with others. The fact that we were able to obtain the information that allowed us to make up medium and heavy branches - is a great deal. It's rewarding to see how results of your hard work become "alive" in game. When our Chinese partners finish their research on SPGs and TDs, we will eagerly add those two missing branches as well.

That's how the Chinese tree was planted. True thing that initially it was intended for Chinese server only, however when we realized it all looked great, we had no other option, but to share our results with the rest of the world.

Our next stop...

Japan, rest of Europe? ....

By the way the new poll is up.