Hello Warriors,

Many of you been emailing asking when the "On Track" would be back and I promised that would warn you, there is also some interesting missions:

The next "On Track" (tier 10 discount) on NA server will be the T110E5:

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:

  • T2 Medium
  • M2 Medium
  • M3 Lee
  • M4 Sherman
  • T1 Heavy

30% discount on purchase:

  • M4A3E2
  • M6
  • T29
  • T32
  • M103
  • T110E5

Nowhere comes the good bit, if you make 25.000 XP driving with any of the vehicles above you will earn:

  • x2 Small First Aid Kit
  • x2 Large First Aid Kit
  • x2 Small Repair Kit
  • x2 Large Repair Kit
  • x2 Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • x2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

If you complete it 4 times you get:

  • Large-Caliber Gun Rammer

If you complete it 8 times you get:

  • Improved Ventilation Class 3

And if you manage to do it 10 times the final prize is:

  • Excelsior + Garage Slot

Note: If you already own the Excelsior you will be received its equivalent in gold.