Hi everyone. I'd like to tell you about early dreadnought drawings in Russian Empire Fleet.

As all of you know, the HMS Dreadnought was laid down in october, 1905. Of course, all great powers of early 20th century kept their eye on everything, related to navy powers, and the first news about an absolutely new type of warship came to Russia in autumn, 1905.

In 1906, the so-called "special meeting" was founded under the leadership of the Minister of Marine Birilev; the main goal of this comission was to define the demands of the characteristics of the future dreadnoughts.

In common, the projected characteristics of the dreadnoughts of 1907 programm are listed below:
Speed: 21-23 knots,
Armor: 8 inch belt, 10 inch barbettes,
Armament: ten 12 inch guns with barrel length of 50 calibers,
Displacement: 19000 to 21000 tonns.

Thats how these ships might look like:

As you see, the drawings are closer to predreadnoughts than to real dreadnoughts, but still, these ships are rather realistic in terms of "paper drawings".

It is expected that one of these ships will be the first battleship in Russia/USSR tree.

Thanks for watching,