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Thread: Do replays show consumable usage for other tanks?

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    Do replays show consumable usage for other tanks?

    Background: After dying in a battle I switched to view another player. He got tracked and his tracks instantly repaired. I suspect he was using one of those auto consumable mods, and I believe those are illegal. I reported it to WG Support with an attached replay, but of course they told me to use the in-game reporting function (WG Support is the worst). This got me to thinking though...if the replay shows the time of the vehicle taking module damage and the time of the consumable being used, it would be fairly easy to parse one for consumables being used less than 1 second after the module damage took place.

    If this is a feature you aren't interested in pursuing, is there any documentation available on parsing replay files?

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    This information is stored inside the replays data packets, which are not yet fully known. Detracking for example is not fully known.

    Generic information about replays data packets can be viewed here:
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