Here it is:

- It's possible that WoT for Xbox will have +/-1 MM, there is no info on such a plan for PC;
- Storm admits the armor of the Japanese Tiger is screwed;
- Storm has no influence on how WG marketing or support works;
- Currently WG is not even considering captured vehicles at all (like Russian Panther or German T-34);
- According to Storm, even the bugged Japanese Tiger mantlet does not allow HE shells to penetrate and hit for full damage, the 0 damage spaced armor still acts like spaced armor and the shells detonate on the surface;
- According to Storm the Japanese Tiger bugged mantlet is not a serious problem;
- There were rumors that Veider (chief balancer) left WG, it's just rumors;
- Apparently under certain circumstances a clean (non-modded) client does this:

- Not all WG vehicles make it to the full game, some are simply unbalanceable;
- Compared to some (rejected) vehicles, Japanese heavies are well balanced.