Hello warriors,

North American World of Warships has a very, very special player. His name is Frumpylumps and instead of hating the usual things players tend to hate in WoWs, he directs his anger towards... paying users (he calls them "wallet warriors") and teamkills them. You know, the same users that are actually paying for the servers and all that other stuff.

There was a thread that was since deleted on NA forums without any naming or shaming - but the idiot came and identified himself in it. And this is how his average battle looks:

How stupid do you have to be to teakill players who are actually paying for all the bells and whistles? What however surprises me the most is the fact that despite multiple teamkills (this has allegedly been going for a while) he is not banned. Doesn't WoWs have an anti-TK system WoT has?

So, if you see Frumpylumps on US server and happen to be sitting in a premium ship, give him a nice hug and a few well-aimed shells in his arse, that should make his day :)