We play a game and after a while we think we know it. The rules become familiar, the pace routine, the best strategies rote. We look at it and we 'know' how it works.

In some ways I feel that I know World of Tanks. I can't spout off the spotting algorithm or tell you what the Random Number Generator will do next, but after 10k battles, I have a good feel for the structure of the game and how it works. I know to hide the lower front plate in German tanks, lest the transmission be set on fire. I know better than to fight American tanks on hills. But, like so many of us, I still don't know what tanks are best, though I certainly have an opinion, as it's difficult know just how all those stats effect play. I don't know which side of each map is has better chance to win, terrain is just too complicated.

But, I do have at my disposal the tools and methods to figure it out. See, I've taken statistics courses and done my best to understand what a good collection of data can tell you. I even slightly enjoy using what I have learned to better understand the world. So I have decided to turn these tools on the game I have been greatly enjoying over the past year: World of Tanks.

It is my hope that this blog will shed some light on what we assume we know about this game, and, if the matchmaker is kind, even help us enjoy this damn good game.