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Thread: For the Record: Weekend WG fail

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    For the Record: Weekend WG fail

    Hello guys, looks like the latest WG EU fail (one of the missions that was supposed to reward you with one day prem not functioning properly, causing many players to “lose time” grinding it) caused a record amount of rage on EU forums. 50 pages and going. I also recieved a record number of messages about this issue, 37 to be exact (no need to send more, guys). What to say. I didn’t report on this earlier, because a) I got to it a bit late, didn’t notice it until the real shitstorm started and b) I thought it would be fixed quickly. It wasn’t, which clearly points to some more serious error. My personal view on this is that while this bug is fucking annoying, there has been enough butthurt over this. In other words: - the community people did take the message already - it is an annoying fail, but it will make the community people work THAT much harder to avoid it next time. Won’t it, Ectar? Again, it is only my personal opinion, but I think the rage in the thread should calm down a bit, just let them work or something. WG EU people have very little pull (contrary to popular belief) and they are most likely not guilty of the whole screwup. *shrugs* Just my two cents.


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    No idea what's wrong with you guys, but I got it 2 times, missed only sunday....
    2 Days Premium + Vents for kills on medium and heavy


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