- Storm is aware of the poor work the Russian community managers did in recent stream
- in Spring, the developers introduced a new anti-bot system, leading to massive bans of bots
- Storm collected a large amount of Russian player feedback regarding the issues in the game, now he will sort through it. Results however will not be published due to the fear of misinterpretation.
- 9.10 caused or was connected to massive server breakdown on RU claster where 3-4 servers (out of 10 or so) died
- one player starts reporting microfreezes in 9.10, Storm confirms there are multiple reports of that (freezes when switching from sniper mode to arcade)
- several reports indicate issues in sniper mode in 9.10, it will be investigated
- Q: "Can you stop making people see the Tutorial screen every patch?" A: "We'll make you see it evertime you start the game!"
- Panzer IV Schmalturm didn't change in 9.10