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Thread: ADU reads incorrect credit expenditure since 9.10

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    ADU reads incorrect credit expenditure since 9.10

    it tells me what I GROSSED... but does not read correctly what I netted after shells, repairs, etc.. seems to be an issue post 9.10.

    anyone else having this issue?

    also, I tried downloading and running the most upto date version of ADU.... task manager shows it using 99% of HD activity and its not responding half the time.

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    Not only having this issue, but others as well:

    a) "Battle Log" site not showing any medals/awards/ace tankers, just some corrupted placeholders. If at all
    b) Looking at the detailed stats of my Cromwell B, it says the best ace tanker i did was with 2.705 raw XP. That is actually wrong cause 2.705 was the value including "Bonus for Premium vehicle tier" and "Reward for mission complete" (the 50% bonus for wins this week). Raw XP was 1.387.
    c) Detailed stats about Leopard PTA, "Marks of Excellence" says: "Required average damage for the next marker: 1" . Currently have 2 MoEs, 87%...if "1" is the needed damage for 3 MoEs, everyone would have them

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