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Thread: Credits per Minute (Net) = Credits per Minute (Gross) Error

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    Credits per Minute (Net) = Credits per Minute (Gross) Error


    i just noticed that there's a bug in the Credits per Minute (Net) calculation.
    It seems as the costs are not subtracted anymore since some recent patch.

    I just bought the T34 new and for this tank, Credits per Minute (Net) = Credits per Minute (Gross).

    You can also check e.g. this page

    All Tier 5 non-premiums. Due to the bug, the new Japanese Tank gets an absurd high value O-I Experimental : 4,597.15 cr

    The gross value

    O-I Experimental 5,674 5,354.20 cr

    Means operating costs of 800 credits per minute (!). 2000 are normal... (?)

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