Storm is collecting info from RU players about the performance in 9.10 - apparently many players reported FPS drops in 9.10.

- there is a lot of outrage on RU forums regarding the Type 59/Patton hybrid because it is underpowered and overpriced, players are expecting it to appear as a marathon prize soon anyway
- in new motion physics, artillery and TD's won't be able to make a quick U-turn ("handbrake police turn"), this is intentional for fast TD's not to do that quickly
- apparently there is a bug in 9.10 - camouflage doesn't display properly on HD models, it will be investigated
- Storm states that the bug where in some cases the silhouettes do not appear properly could not be reproduced by Wargaming
- Storm states that the current level of WoT is "satisfactory" - there will be serious optimizations in the future however
- current WoT performance is better than it was before 9.0
- for now there is no hotfix patch ready yet for 9.10