Hello there

First, sorry if thats the wrong forum, they seem not really deep and organized to find a good subforum or so for my question. Or im blind again...

Im looking for a way, to filter a specific map and its Winrate for both spawns (maybe even the Encounter Mode map too, dont think it will make much different.

Im having trouble finding a way to play new Redshire and im pretty sure south spawn has a big disadvantage.
My feeling is its 80% won by north side, if south hasn´t got a pretty huge advantage in players skill.
Some other guy on the official forums claimed exactly the opposite. He feels north is worse now.

Is there a way to filter
a) a map since a certain patch(!)
b) see that maps winratio for both spawns

If there is on the main page here, i couldnt find it.
I think the first point is more important, i might have found a filter for the b) part

And i dont wanna go and claim something from my 30 battles, thats not really a big pool to draw numbers from.

Thanks alot in advance