Hello Warriors,

A men from Bristol, Jeff Hoolmer had to move house after winning a tank from an online auction.

He put a bid on a CVRT Scorpion on a specialist auction site and forgot about it, he says: "I'd forgotten all about it and then at work I had a call saying 'Hello sir you've just bought a tank", "and of course everyone in the office was laughing at me."

The light tank was bought for a mere £9,000 from Witham Specialist Vehicles.

But he had one problem... he lived on a two-bedroom flat! With "tank parking a bit of a problem" at his flat, Mr Woolmer had to move to a larger house on the outskirts of the city to park it and now everyone in the area calls him the "Tank Men".

He also had this to add:

"It weighs about seven tonnes - which in terms of tanks is a little baby tank really,"
"The guns are all disarmed obviously but I do plan to try and get it running - once the batteries are charged we'll see if the electrics come to life and then try and start it up."

Guess everyone has their first world problems... :)