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Thread: Reading DAT files, or getting progress for tiers and class?

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    Reading DAT files, or getting progress for tiers and class?

    Is there any guide on the syntax for reading a DAT file of the format of the file?

    Thing I really like on vbaddict is the progress tabs, both for me overall and for individual tanks. Also on the summary tab is a breakdown, showing win rates for tiers or tank class. I'd love to see my progress on a tier or a class.

    For example, my win current win rate is 51.8%, but it's 55.1% for last 30 days. I was below 50% for tiers 7 and higher, but have recently hit 50% on the chart. So I'm doing better at tier 7 but by how much? Same with heavies. Only 48% but most of my recent play in tier 7 is my IS heavy so it must be improving.

    TL,DR: I'd like to see my progress for tiers and class the same way I can for individual tanks.

    I figured if I knew the DAT format, I can just export that data and use something else to generate progress reports, maybe Excel or PowerShell. If this is somehow available and I didn't know about it, even better.

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    This is the common source for reading dossier files (.dat):

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    You could check out Wot Numbers, we have some of these features you are requesting. In addition to built-in charts and grids for displaying data, it is possible to copy data to a spreadsheet as well.

    You can find the the system here:


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