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Thread: How can I upload several replays at a time?

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    How can I upload several replays at a time?


    Havent been uploading for a while and saw now, that all my stats are gone. So I wonder, if I can upload a bunch of replays just for the stats, no need to save them after been analyzed.

    I kind of saved all the replays from this year and would like to upload as much as possible. Is that possible? Becuase I wont upload one by one

    I am mostly interested in the credits & ependiture part, because I passed 1 billion credits in my all time earning a while ago....would be fun to see where I am now....same for the crew.

    Kind regards


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    alright, never mind....found it.

    juts upload via ADU, not the homepage

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    Credits and the other stuff is obtained mainly via Battle Results, not Replays. ADU is able to handle them also.


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