Hello Warriors,

took screenshots and made Gifs of the KV-1 Armor and 3D model changes, all neatly packed. I'm going to start doing these to help you visualize better the changes.

Lets remember what was posted a couple days ago:
- Beak between the autobounce plate and the LFP is now 110mm on the LFP and 65mm on the autobounce plate. Was 115mm on both before.
- Driver and MG weakspots removed, but the 60mm part on the rear hull is now 50mm.
- UFP nerfed from 31° to 30°, LFP buffed from 21° to 30°.
- 30mm zone for engine deck now covers more, ended about when it's under the very rear of the turret.
- Mantlet shape is more flat for the 85mm and there is less overlap between the mantlet and turret armor.
- MG weakspot on the rear of the turret is removed on both turrets.
- Turret front slope buffed from 11° to 19°.
- Most periscopes removed from the hitbox on both turrets.
- The stock turret front slope is buffed from 16°-11° to 19°.

3D Model

Armor Model