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Thread: WN 7 issue

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    WN 7 issue

    Seems to be issues with wn7 here and what is showing up in my wotstats. Is this site not taking into account negative for losses and draws?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I highly recommend not using the winrate portion for single battles... for per-tank stats...maybe.

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    I am looking at tracking daily and so forth. The general standard for wn7 puts a big emphasis on wins. So if wn 7 is abominated here, then unfortunately can not use this site.

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    Ironroad, I am the creator of WN, and as I have explained many times it was not designed to be used for single game performance measurement.

    It has a lot of issues, since WN was designed to be used with overall stats, so small ample error comes into play for any number of battles below 1000. Specially for single games, everything gets distorted.

    I completely agree with Phalynx´s way of handling wins, and do not agree with the WOT Statistics way (using 100% wins for a win and 0% for a loss).

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    having seen the behaviour of increasing stat-whores, there needs to be a measure of 'team play' where people who contribute to the team can be measured rather than corner hiding unicum assholes who hide in the corner of the map until the rest of the team is dead, then pick off a few damaged enemies.

    damage without kill
    damage on spotting, not just initial scout damage
    mileage covered.
    shots fired
    hits taken, whether damaged or not
    spotting/ damage bonus for platoons who scout and damage enemies in same instant

    minus points for:
    platoons who die last in a lose
    troll platoons of 3 tiers difference

    The old saying goes 'you get what you reward'.
    what you are getting is a game where platoons and unicums do damage and kills without winning or helping their team. this makes the game shit.


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