So it's been a few months again, and things are clipping along quite nicely if I say so myself. After having teamed up with Phalynx, wot-replays is very close to reaching 100.000 replays hosted. Not too bad, if I say so myself.

Unfortunately my "list of stuff to do" is growing more rapidly than that I'm taking things off it, there's a few "must do's" on there, a few "want to do's" on there, and some random stuff that I really haven't given any more thought to beyond "wouldn't it be cool if".

The reason for the rather glacial pace at which new "big" features are showing up is pretty simple; time. Actually, time and money. As everyone probably knows, I pay for out of my own pocket, but in order to be able to do that I have to have something in my pocket, which is where my "regular" job comes in. Working on that allows me to make the money to support myself and my family, and my crazy hobby of driving pixelated tanks and building websites for said pixelated tanks.

It basically boils down to the point that I have to put my real life before any work on the site gets done - but you can help! Donations allow me to spend some time focusing solely on, without having to pull crazy all-nighters to make up for it later. If you've used the site and you want to show your appreciation, or you want to support the work I'm doing on it, please drop by the front page and click the donate button, any little bit helps!

Thanks for your time, and continued support :)