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Thread: a small wishlist

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    Lightbulb a small wishlist

    Hallo Guys,

    i have a small List of wishes:

    In my case the PCs (and WoT) is used by multiple persons an the same Win-profile. So i have to check and change the dossier file in ADU every time i will play. Can this be automated depending on the game login (the mods ats/brr should know which one is logged in)?
    Is it possible only replays which depends the selected dossier to upload?

    Also it would be great if i can buy an "vbaddict-Premium-Account" . So i can mark Replays as my favorite and this would by saved in a permanent storage only for subscriber and maybe other useful functions for subscriber. An you get more support to provide more server capacity for all.

    Only few ideas.

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    That's a nice wish, but not new. I didn't had the time yet to implement a more comfortable version for multiple accounts

    About that "premium" account - there are some threads regarding this topic, so no need to discuss it here. Currently there is only a "Supporter" which has higher uploading a viewing priority in case of overload.
    As I can see you are a Supporter - thanks for your help

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    So, may the time is coming to get a new Fulltimejob

    I dont have see any other thread about this topic (I've not really looked for it). I interpret the answer as a rejection. Hopefully in the future this will come.

    Thanks for your great tool.

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