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Thread: WIN8 and WIN7 not accurate?

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    WIN8 and WIN7 not accurate?

    After the 9.12 update, it looks like my stats are messed up on here. My WIN8 is showing as 847 on here, but it's actually 1030. See attached for the WIN7 screenshot.
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    Same for me, WN7 is total messed up and WN8 is about 200 points to low.

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    There were wrong values by the dossier reader. Should be ok now.

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    Doesn't look like it's changed for me?

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    Where are the values off?

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    This is on the tabs of the Summary screen. Overall WIN8 is about 200 points too low and WIN7 is over 10,000 too high. In my first post, I attached a screen shot.

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    T20 = zero wn8

    Just bought the T20 on Thursday, and now have 58 games. However my wn8 still reads zero on the Tanks list. I've been doing better than that. No, really I have.

    I do see wn8 scores for T20 in quick summary. I can't really tell if my other tanks are registering wn8's since that is my only new recent tank. I did view the progress tab on my T-34-85 which I played yesterday and see it registering a wn8.

    Edit: just looked at the progress tab for my T20 and do see wn8 registered. However the wn8 tab show zero and so does Tanks list.

    I'll play a tank with low games and see if the wn8 changes are picked up.

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    Black Prince error report

    My damage per game is showing correctly on most of the tabs, however for WN8 calculation it is using a damage per game of about 500 points lower in the wn8 breakdown tab.

    It appears that this error only applies to that tank.

    Thanks for the whole thing.

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    Update: So I played two games in my SU-122-44. At the start vbaddict showed 7 games played and 1756 wn8. Wotlabs showed 7 games and 1757.

    I had two terrible games. VBaddict shows 9 games and 1756 wn8, while Wotlabs shows 9 games and 1419 wn8. So it looks like vbaddict is just not updating any wn8, not just T20.

    If I go to tank wn8 tab I see 1756. If I go to progress tab it does show the two 560 wn8 games so it is uploading the data.
    [I played bad so the results would show better. Yeah that's right, that's my story. I did it for science. :P]

    My T20 shows 0 wn8, while on Wotlabs it shows 1847. Games and other stats appear correct, but it's not easy to compare them.
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    got the same problem with Churchill Gun Carrier

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    Unhappy weird swings in graphs


    between november 15th and 20th my challenger seemed to have caused weird data. For example an accuracy of 600% and 0 damage at the same time. This seems to affect the over all graphs as well.


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    This is confirmed as a headache resulted by false patch data. I'm on it.

    Duplicate of:
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