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Thread: Vbaddict files in res_mods causing game to freeze

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    Vbaddict files in res_mods causing game to freeze
    This post was made as an issue

    The two files ATS.pyc and BRR.pyc are stopping WoT from loading. It stops at the loading crew stage. I have deleted and re-installed them with latest versions but it still causes loading to freeze. Removing those files from the res_mods folder and the game loads fine.

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    I have the same problem

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    same here


    Installing only ATS works, instaling only BRR stuck in hangar with loading icon and text "Updating Crew".

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    Same here. Started ADU, message "new ATS available, start WoT new" - and *tilt*

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    same here

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    Same here.
    Problem is with BRR only.
    Stuck on "Updating crew"

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    Nice - I deleted the (newly released last night?) BRR-file. WoT works fine. And ADU? Shows BRR in red, but uploads all the battle results...

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    Can you please provide python.log?

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    Similar error here; ATS works fine, BRR makes the game hang after login on "Updating crew". The game is still running, not frozen, as I can see invites to platoons/detatchments/etc come through and make the notification center icon flash. However, I can't click on anything because of "updating crew" taking over the screen.

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    Same here, removing BRR fixes the issue, with BRR installed games gets stuck at updating crew

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    it's been created a while
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    Confirmed:had to remove BRR in order to hve the garage loaded. Having BRR enabled as it was yesterday before update,leads to "updating crew" stuck.

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    removed BRR - having issues with messages in the client (disabled).
    removed ATS as well - all back to normal

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    I just disabled BRR and I'm fine.

    Amazing that a patch update could cause so many issues this time around. Change in file format or file structure?

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