As you might have noticed, as of a few days ago the amount of replays on has risen dramatically, and here's why.

The Beginnings

For a long time Phalynx (of fame) and myself have been conversing about replays, replay formats, dossier formats, and what bits of data can be found where. At some point it turned out that Phalynx had data I could use, and my replay parser extracts data that he can use. Since we're both developers, but use wildly different languages, building a single website together would probably not have worked so we settled for the next best thing.

I can access data on through an API, and he can access my replay parser on through an API, which makes both of us quite happy since it lets us make our respective sites better, and in the end that's what we're interested in. An interesting side effect is that I store the replays I get from Phalynx, and make my usual pretty replay pages out of them.

A few things need to be said here:

  1. Replays only get saved if you have the 'also upload to' checkbox ticked in the ADU tool
  2. If you don't have the box ticked, vbaddict still sends the replay, but only to have the data extracted and sent back, the replay itself is never stored

What does it mean for you?
A few changes have been made to the site, most notably:

  1. If you upload a replay that already exists, instead of receiving an error message, you are redirected to the replay page if it exists and the replay is considered "published"
  2. Since we are now using the OpenID signin it means that when you log in, knows exactly which player you are in World of Tanks, as such, we no longer look at who uploaded a replay but consider all replays that were made by you to be yours, and they will show up on your profile page to publish or unpublish as you see fit.
  3. Given the above, it means that uploading a replay made by someone else will have that replay show up on their profile page, and not yours.
  4. You can now alter some settings related to the uploading of replays via "partner sites" (at the moment that'd be if a replay is not complete, you can opt to not have it published. The default is to not publish incomplete replays.
  5. More settings will be added to let you selectively publish or hide clan war battles, given that clan war replays are usually considered to be "clan only" property.

Upcoming Changes

In order to make the most out of this, a few changes will be coming relatively soon, here's what's in the pipeline so far:

  • Clan pages: this will allow a clan to register for a subdomain under the domain, and gets them a website that lists only their replays, with custom themes, and custom access roles. You can hide clan war battles from the main site, and have them available on your clan page for clan members to see. This will most likely be a "for-pay" service, but you'd be looking at something like a dollar per month at the most.
  • Personal pages: This will just be a simple URL to a subdomain that lists all "your" replays, it lets you tag them into their own categories, and you can organise them as you see fit; this lets you easily give people a single link to look at all your replays.

And a variety of little things here and there, that I will post about separately in the respective threads.