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Thread: Feature request: XP rank and damage rank in each battle

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    Feature request: XP rank and damage rank in each battle
    This post was made as an issue

    Hi Phalynx

    Would it be possible to add info/statistics of your rank in your team for XP and damage dealt for each battle?

    For instance having 2 extra columns in the quick summary with your position (1 to 15) in XP and damage on your team. That is typically how I try to determine if I am playing above or below standard any given day. The matchmaker can give you bad lineups and good lineups, but I should be able to finish at the top of my own team, no matter how "unfair" the teams are. So it gives me a good indication on how well I play.

    I apologize if the suggestion has been posted before - I did check, but could have been more thorough :-)

    And thank you for your great tools. For a long time I used your replay and dossier parser and saved my statistics in my own database and made my own statistics, but your web-site just do everything so much better. The only thing I miss is the XP rank and damage rank :-)


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