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Thread: ADU causes WoT to get stuck on "updating crew" when starting

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    ADU causes WoT to get stuck on "updating crew" when starting

    As the title says. If I install BRR when starting WoT it gets stuck on "updating crew". I remove the mod and all works fine.

    Any ideas?

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    There was another thread about this same issue, I think everyone who has the problem is currently using playing WoT and using the ADU without the BRR installed.

    I found as soon as I reinstall it the game freezes on Updating Crew, and only way round it is remove BRR. The choice is yours, if you want to play you need to remove the BRR, although you can still run the ADU..

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    Sorry, I missed the other thread.

    What works if I want BRR is to launch the game and ADU, install BRR and play. Next time I play, before I open the client delete the BRR file in the mods folder and rinse and repeat.

    It's laborious tho..

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    This issue was already fixed few days ago:


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