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Thread: M4A1 Rev./T-28E(F-30) wn8

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    M4A1 Rev./T-28E(F-30) wn8

    Since I started playing M84A1, WOT Statistics has been broken.

    It shows Win-8 as "0." Same now with my later purchase of T-28(F-30). The main statistics page is also corrupt showing incorrect games played etc.

    Any help on way? . I made a donation by way of Pay-pal since I wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you for your hard work for us players.

    PS: Noticed after initial post that at bottom of screen it states "Error: cannot parse json file.- Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

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    There are no WN8 values for that tank available, that's why it fails. An update is currently prepared.

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