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Automatically with the ADU Active Dossier Uploader

The easiest way to upload your dossier cache and battle results files is by using the Active Dossier Uploader. This tiny program can be run while playing WoT. It scanns for changes on the dossier file and automatically uploads them and battle results to this website. The files are getting processed and you can get directly to your charts by using the included link.

Download the Active Dossier Uploader here:
ADU Active Dossier Uploader

After the download is completed, you can use the program without installing it. On first start it asks you to select your WoT profile.
After selecting your profile and confirming it with "Ok" the Active Dossier Uploader monitors this file for changes. After your first use you can just use the "Manually Upload" to get your dossier and battle results uploaded immediately.

Upload your Dossier

Beside the automatic upload via Active Dossier Uploader you can also upload your Dossier manually via Web.

Important notice before uploading: Keep the original filename that was created by World of Tanks. Avoid naming it like "Copy of - " and similar. By changing the filename of the dossier file the system cannot merge the new data with previously uploaded data!
The dossier file is located in this directory on your local computer:
%APPDATA%\\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache or
Hint: Dossier files are starting usally with NRXWO2LOFVWWC4 (...) or GIYTGLRSGUZC4M (...)
If you are having multiple WoT accounts, you will have multiple dossier files.
After submitting, all data will be merged with an existing dossier with that dossier file name.

Upload your Replay

Beside the automatic upload via Active Dossier Uploader you can also upload your Replay manually via Web.

The Replays are located in a subdirectory called "replays" of your WoT Installation.