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About vBAddict

vBAddict WoT Performance Analyzer can analyze your World of Tanks Profile with the information stored locally in your Dossier cache file. Dossier files contain a summary of all of your tanks you have ever played. By uploading your World of Tanks Dossier on a regular base you will get real progress of your gaming skills. With the tank charts you will even now track progress on each of your tank. With the help of the ADU Active Dossier Uploader the dossier cache file, Battle Results and Replays are automatically uploaded.

vBAddict will help you to keep track on your overall battle performance WN7/WN8 efficiency, accuracy, damage ratio, damage dealt, damage assisted (radio + track), damage taken, damage per kill, experience, average battle time, mileage per map, credits and experience per minute, Platoon statistics, Mastery Badges, Marks of Excellence and even more World of Tanks statistic features.

vBAddict provides a free wot statistic tool to analyze your gameplay in World of Tanks. The World of Tanks statistics are detailed, up-to-date and additionally separated for each tank. The WoT Statistics Database uses data from nearly 40 million battles played to provide detailed information on the damage needed to achieve Gunmarks, the optimal equipment for tanks and which vehicles provide the best in-game credits.

vBAddict Statistics

  • Serving charts for 29,496 gamers.
  • Printing progress for 1.74 million tanks.
  • Keeping history of 21.88 million battles.
  • Offering 344,128 replays for download.
  • Currently active Users: 534

    Keep in mind, usage of vBAddict is for FREE. vBAddict pays the server with the help of donations and Ads. Read more....

    In-Depth Analysis of your Tanks, Modules, Crew and played Maps
    Showing you the data, statistics and charts for all of your tanks. With ATS Advanced Tank Statistics you can even track the progress of your Crew
    Income & Expenditure
    Expenditure helps you to keep an eye on your profit by tracking earned and spent credits/gold for vehicle repair, resupply of ammunition and consumables separately for each of your tanks
    Automatic Uploading and sharing your battles
    With the little application ADU Active Dossier Upload you don't need to upload manually any Dossier, Replay or Battle Result any more - it will do it for you in the background
    Per Battle Ratings
    See how you are performing on each of your Battle. Get a summary for your playing day
    Heatmaps based on uploaded replays show the most visited locations on each map, now even for individual tank classes
    Tank and Map Statistics
    Find the top earners, top damage dealers, highest efficiency tanks. Find out which maps are well balanced and which not
    Follow your Mates
    It gathers the Battles from your Mates/Clan/Platoon and presents them in a timeline so you can always follow their great Battles
    Show your success with Signature Images
    Let the Community know about your fabulous statistics! Choose your preferred layout with a nice background and insert the image into your Forum Signature
    Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badge
    Track your progress on gathering the next Mark of Excellence, see what you are missing to get the ACE Tanker Badge
    Platoon Statistics
    Compare your performance while driving alone with the performance playing together in a platoon
    The answer to the question when did you last make an achievement on which tank and on which battle, together with a replay of your glory
    Tank Expert
    Find out how many times you destroyed a tank and which one you still need to destroy to be the Expert for a Nation
    Learn from the Best
    Browse through thousands of the best replays in the community and learn from the best gameplay
    Daily Progress and Quick Summary
    Your personal daily progress is ready to be analyzed with a summary of all relevant details
    Statistics for Clans
    Get an overview of the members of a clan, see last results of their Clanwars
    Search and find Gamers
    Looking up someone's profile or just searching for statistics of a specific Clan, use the search facility
    For the case you want to Analyze your data in an external tool like Excel, there is a possibility to get a computer readable output of your data
    Sites driven by vBAddict API and Tools
    Many Sites and Applications rely on vBAddict's API and Tools to enhance their own products without the need to create own tools and infrastructure

    Visualize your Gameplay

    Example for "Efficiency by Tier" Chart:
    Example for Efficiency by Tier

    Example for "Skillradar":
    World of Tanks Player Skillradar

    Example for Progress:
    wot gaming Progress

    Example for Income / Expenditure:
    Progress of World of Tanks Expenditure

    Example for "Damage per Kill" Chart (from the beginning):
    Example for

    Example for "Damage ratio" Chart:
    Damage ratio

    Example of signature image:
    world of tanks signature image

    Example of Quick Summary:

    To see what you will get by uploading your dossier file on a regular base, you can see Sonnenbrand' personal charts: Charts of Sonnenbrand.
    A mirror of the vBAddict Active Dossier Uploader download you can found at We hope you like the wot statistics and tools!
    The use of the World of Tanks statistic functions of is completely free of charge. If you have any problems, please let us know in
    the forum, but please take into account that we do it all in our spare time as a hobby.