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Meme machine

SNOO is a strongholds clan (that used to belong to the RDDT family) for players who want to have fun by playing with friendly people.

Our requirements are a minimum of 2000 games, an overall WN8 of 1200 (or a recent WN8 of 1400) and at least one Tier 6 as well as one Tier 8 tank from this "list": . Also Slack presence and a microphone for TS3 are mandatory.

*We are looking for active players who want to participate in our community by platooning and playing strongholds.*

We are offering money grinding in detachments and bonus reserves as well as a lot of opportunities for platooning.

If that sounds good to you send us your application, tell us about yourself and include a link to your "Wotlabs": profile.

min 1200 overall WN8 (or 1400 recent)
2k games
min 1 Tier 6 + 1 Tier 8 tank from the list
Slack presence
Mic + TS3 (
Interest in playing strongholds
Age 16+ and a reasonable level of maturity

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